Stephan Schuck commissioned STUDIOFORMA with the design of a jewellery display for the special “WILD BLOSSOM” collection.
The design of the jewellery display takes inspiration from the captivating appearance of a water lily pond. The water lily has been casting spell on humans for thousands of years. Their mysterious beauteousness rises from the deep, leaves floating serenely on the surface and exquisite blossoms appear as if by magic.
The presentation display strikes a contemporary reinterpretation of the botanical architecture of a water lily pond, where water lilies grow from tubers beneath the water and send up stems with rounded leaves and blossoms floating on the surface.
A pearl-white covering of the busts and display elements let the surface appear soft and suede. The different heights of the stand-up elements for necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelet induce an eye-catching multi-levelness to the display. The centred position of a campaign photo frame on the background perfectly encompasses the presentation of the “WILD BLOSSOM” collection. The edges of the podium, display elements, campaign frame and pedestal are softly round-shaped and enhance the organic and fluid design.